The New Financial Wellness: Changing the Conversation

The New Financial Wellness: Changing the ConversationIn Mark Singer’s new book, he explores the root causes of financial illiteracy and how to correct it. He shows how the lack of financial literacy begins with the everyday lives of employees and how the lack of financial education can impact the overall productivity of the American workforce. This significantly impacts the bottom line of employers as well as the ability of workers to save for their retirement futures.

Mark explores practical solutions that can be implemented to improve financial literacy in the workforce, help relieve employee stressors, improve productivity among workers, and help them to more effectively save for their retirement futures. There is hope for the future and, by working together, we can achieve the success for which we all have worked so hard and rightly deserve. Working together, we can “Change the Conversation” and begin to build better financial outcomes.

The solution lies in ALL OF US changing the conversation.

“Mark captures the very essence of the real retirement three-legged stool: the advisor, the plan sponsor, and the plan participant. His insights on financial wellness provide solutions that everyone in the retirement industry should be aware of and consider implementing.”

—Karen Betts, The Collaborative
Twenty-plus-year retirement industry executive

What’s In the Book

  • A Financial Wellness Gap — A Lengthy Journey
  • Retirement Is a Journey, Not an End
  • Employers Can Help Address Financial Literacy
  • What Is Financial Literacy Really?
  • Stress Impacts the Bottom Line for Employees and Employers
  • Increase the Bottom Line by Helping Distressed Employees During Challenging Financial Times
  • Success Story — Putting It All Together