Included With Your Financial Literacy Toolbox Subscription

  • Video Content

    You get access to our complete library of educational videos focused on teaching financial literacy to people of all ages and experience levels. Our library currently has over twenty topics and continues to grow. Furthermore, these videos are “big picture” and do not offer specific recommendations, which minimizes possible compliance issues.

  • Reporting

    You receive access to personalized analytics reporting so you can measure success within your firm and HR community. Additionally, you can receive instant emails alerting you to new video views, thus creating a stream of new opportunities for your firm.

  • Technology Support

    Our staff is here to ensure that our video delivery platform is compatible with your systems and to help you work through any technical issues you might encounter.

  • 401(k) Advisory Tools

    You’ll learn how to leverage the videos to make a better connection with your existing plan participants, and how to uncover new opportunities you might never have been aware of.

  • Participant Surveys

    You get a sample set of survey questions that can be delivered to plan participants. This feedback will help you determine the topics that are most important to each age segment. This will help you be more effective in connecting with them throughout the year, rather than just during the annual enrollment session.

  • Financial Checklist

    You’ll get a checklist you can use with plan participants to assist them in assessing their existing financial planning concerns and to help them increase their current contributions to their retirement savings plan.

  • Email Marketing of Videos

    We recommend offering single videos on a monthly basis within the company’s e newsletter and provide you with scripted language to deliver with each month’s video.

  • Enrollment Meeting Insight

    Many advisors would like to be more focused on timely topics during the enrollment meetings. We provide advice on using the age-based topics to make these meetings a better way to connect with the plan participants.

  • Wellness/Onsite Educational Sessions

    Studies show that HR departments are looking to offer broader financial solutions beyond just the 401k plan. Find out how to use wellness offerings to become more of a strategic partner. We also provide guidance on how to uncover new opportunities by using financial wellness as a stand alone product.

  • Additional Marketing Support

    You’ll gain access to additional marketing templates to help you increase adoption among your clients. However, since each advisor’s needs are unique, I find it helpful to also work with you to craft campaigns that are specific to your business model and goals.

  • User Guide

    We’ve created a detailed user guide offering step-by-step processes to help you and your staff when implementing our systems. This is updated on an ongoing basis.

  • Industry Updates and Best Practices

    You’ll receive access to industry information to help you keep current on new studies and trends as well as success tips from other advisors using the system.

Value Added Offerings

Available at an additional cost

  • On-Site Presentation Materials

    To assist those who are interested in providing on site sessions, we’ve created a compliance-approved PowerPoint presentation for to advisors. It contains two parts: one targeted at the over 50 group and one for the under 50 group.

  • Custom Introduction Video

    We can also add a 90 second introductory video to your library featuring you, or someone from your firm, introducing the financial education series to help enhance your brand and provide a personalized touch to your clients.

  • Using The New Financial Wellness

    Learn how to use Mark Singer’s new book The New Financial Wellness: Changing the Conversation to enhance your advisors’ marketing efforts. Special bulk purchase rates are available exclusively to Financial Literacy Toolbox subscribers.