According to the Center for Financial Social Work, money issues are the greatest stressor in peoples’ lives and the leading cause of divorce. They are a major source of anxiety and insomnia, a primary reason for abuse and violence, and a trigger for alcohol and drug abuse. They frequently are accompanied by feelings of hopelessness, shame, isolation, and vulnerability and can cause people to become distracted, angry, and irritable

—“Responding to Workers’ Financial Crises”, by Deborah Price
Journal of Employee Assistance, 1st Quarter 2009

As a Wellness professional, you know there’s a strong connection between a person’s financial health and their overall wellness. Most employers, however, don’t realize the connection between employee personal finances and the bottom-line:

  • Financially Illiterate adults do not manage their personal finances very well…
  • They do not save and invest enough for a financially successful retirement…
  • And this contributes to lower productivity as well as higher health care costs.

Over 30 million American workers –1 in 4 – report they are seriously financially distressed and dissatisfied with their personal finances, and millions of employees say they cannot afford to save for retirement. The lack of financial literacy is the major reason why employees do not save for retirement.

For Wellness providers, The Financial Literacy Toolbox offers the tools to take your program that additional step that makes it complete – financial education and guidance. Gaining knowledge and control over one’s financial life is foundational to attaining true wellness. The Financial Literacy Toolbox offers just that.

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