There is universal praise from Financial Literacy Toolbox clients and industry experts about the quality and impact the Toolbox has on client knowledge and business-building for advisors. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Bob P.

Mark Singer was a featured speaker at our recent 2016 annual conference.  As one who has been an advisor for 30 years, Mark was able to communicate to our financial intermediaries in a way that truly connected with them.  He focused on not only the very timely topic of financial wellness, but also delivered a number of unique business building techniques that resonated with our target audience.  It was no surprise that the feedback we received was excellent.  I recommend Mark to anyone looking to bring engaging and informative speakers to their conferences.

Bob P.Senior Executive of Financial Services at BPAS Partner Conference
Jennie Steele

Mark was instrumental in making our webcast an unqualified success! His insights and expertise on financial wellness programs were truly enlightening and the tools and best practices he outlined were tremendously helpful in driving our messages home to the audience. We relied heavily on the depth of his research to complement and support our survey results, which we use to deliver thought leadership to our industry stakeholders. I really appreciated his enthusiasm and collaboration throughout the planning stages for our webcast and he was wonderfully engaging during the live event – a true professional. I can honestly say that I consider him a valued partner in our efforts to ‘change the conversation’ with regard to financial wellness and financial literacy in the corporate world and look forward to working with him again.

Jennie SteeleDirector, Institutional Content Strategy, Prudential Retirement
Stephanie Eugenio

At Middle Oak we give a high premium to providing a comprehensive wellness package for our employees. We see it as an integral part of the growth of our company. We have been pleased to bring in Mark Singer to speak to our employees about reducing the financial stress they are feeling. The feedback has been very positive. As soon as each session is completed, our benefits department receives emails indicating not only how much they enjoyed the presentation, but how impactful the information was. From a simple “thank you” from one employee to several who indicated they took immediate action as a result of information delivered. I recommend that Mark’s program be included in any employers’ efforts to enhance their wellness offerings.

Stephanie EugenioPayroll & Benefit Specialist, Middle Oak
Joanne L. Sargent RN

As President of Sargent & Associates, we have recognized how important it is to incorporate financial wellness as a part of the overall wellness offerings we bring to our clients.  We have utilized Mark Singer and his Financial Literacy Toolbox for 3 years with our most valued employer (client), and with great success.  He is able to deliver his message with ease, whether it is to the senior executives or new administrative hires.  Those who have attended his sessions on reducing financial stress have told us how impactful his talks are.  I highly recommend any wellness provider, or employer, to consider using Financial Literacy Toolbox.

As an owner I recognize that financial wellness programs can reduce absenteeism, as well as disability and workers’ compensation costs.  When employees are dealing with poor financial management this causes stress, which can set the stage for medical problems. Employees who enjoy peace of mind regarding their personal finances are more inclined to be happy, productive associates who transfer the quality of their employment experience into everything they do.

Joanne L. Sargent RNPresident, Sargent & Associates
Lisa Koch

As a senior consultant for an international benefits firm, we have recognized the need to bring financial wellness to our clients. We see this as a natural for those companies that embrace the notion of creating a “healthy” work environment, and have worked diligently to present financial solutions to complement the existing health programs we monitor. Mark Singer’s Financial Literacy Toolbox offers a suite of solutions that is timely and well packaged. Additionally, Mark’s ability to help us create customized programs for a recent client was very much appreciated. It was clear that he has the knowledge, experience and passion to deliver a financial wellness platform that we will continue to promote to our clientele.

Lisa KochSenior Consultant, Client Services, Longfellow Benefits
Crystal N. McDermott

We have 1200 U.S. employees and offer a robust health benefits package for our employees. As we progressed with our 2015 Wellness Plan, We decided that it was a good time to offer a financial wellness program, both for our over 50 employees and under age 50 employees. We contacted Mark Singer to help us with these seminars. We held two separate sessions during one day, with each session focused on the important financial considerations for each respective group. The attendance, and the feedback, were excellent. We had almost 200 employees attend the sessions, both on site and remotely. The feedback was that the information was clear and on point. Numerous employees commented that it made them think of their own personal financial situations, and this prompted a series of additional questions, which we hope to address in follow up sessions.

I recommend Mark as not only a speaker, but as one who can help guide an organization’s HR department in bringing much needed financial wellness to their employees.

Crystal N. McDermottBenefits Manager Pegasystems Inc.
Robert A. Benish

Mark Singer stands out as a champion for Financial Wellness and a passionate advocate for helping Americans find the tools they need to help them make better financial decisions. As a featured speaker at PSCA’s 67th Annual National Conference, he shared his latest effective suite of solutions – the Financial Literacy Toolbox. This comprehensive package delivers innovative programs to help plan sponsors help their employees achieve their financial goals.

Robert A. BenishInterim President and Executive Director, Plan Sponsor Council of America
Charles D. Epstein, CLU, ChFC, AIF®

Mark Singer has created a thoughtful process for you to connect creatively with existing, clients, 401(k) participants and prospects on their terms. His financial literacy toolbox cracks the sales and marketing code by automating this process for you. Everything has been built, tested and mapped out for you to instantly connect with your market 24-7 when they want and how the want educational information. All you do is click the button and watch your business grow!

Charles D. Epstein, CLU, ChFC, AIF®The 401k Coach
Charles S. Bean III, CLU, ChFC

I’ve known Mark Singer for more than 15 years and deem him to be one of the most dynamic educational speakers I’ve known. He captivates his audience with parables and stories that draw the listener in to easily understand and make sense of complex financial topics.

Charles S. Bean III, CLU, ChFCPresident and Director of Wealth Management, Heritage Financial Services
Jayne Schmitz

Mark’s speaking style is engaging and entertaining while bringing home the point that financial security is something that affects all of us at any age.

Jayne SchmitzMassachusetts Municipal Organization
James Philbin

Overall I found [the videos] fun to watch, and… filled with some great information. The way the videos are set up is awesome. The chapters in each video make it easy to find specific areas of the video. I also love the two screen approach. The man in the FLT videos talks on one screen and important bullet points are added on another. It really sets the videos apart from something you could find on a site like Youtube.

James PhilbinIntern, Heritage Financial Services
John Sullivan

Mark Singer is an engaging speaker with a powerful message.  I witnessed Mark speak at Advisor One’s  Think Retirement Symposium and was impressed by how well he could connect with the advisors attending his session.  He has a unique ability to tell the stories of his experiences, both personal and professional, in a way that immediately created a bond with his audience.  They recognized that Mark was not only good at what he does with his clients, but an excellent resource of ideas to help them in their pursuit of taking their own businesses to the next level.  I highly recommend Mark as a speaker to other financial institutions’ events.

John SullivanDirector of Custom Content, InvestmentNews
Olivia Mellan

Mark Singer is a charismatic, caring, knowledgeable and engaging speaker with years of experience as a financial advisor. Other advisors — and their clients — will benefit greatly from his gifts and his track record in helping us all live the financially literate – and successful – life we truly desire.

Olivia MellanMoney coach, psychotherapist and author of "Money Harmony" and "The Client Connection"
Beverly Flaxington

The Financial Literacy Toolbox offers both investors and service providers a golden opportunity for a ‘win-win’. For investors they gain knowledge and confidence in how to tackle the arcane world of personal finance. For service providers – whether they be an advisor, custodian, retirement plan sponsor or administrator – it solidifies the relationship their client. This is truly ‘the right product at the right time!’

Beverly FlaxingtonPrincipal, The Collaborative
Mike Slemmer, CFA

Mark Singer has developed extraordinary material to help investors gain ‘financial literacy’ and to help advisors build their business. We work with advisors every day – and a key obstacle to success is how they can differentiate what they do. Clearly, for forward-thinking advisors, the videos and related tools that comprise The Financial Literacy Toolbox are the right answer for that differentiation.

Mike Slemmer, CFAPrincipal, Advisors Trusted Advisor