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When it comes to financial matters, most people don’t know enough about it. It’s hard to get the right information and ask the right questions—because in most cases, they don’t know what they don’t know.

Clients of Financial Advisors or Wellness Providers, and participants in retirement plans, have many choices for learning about personal financial management. However, for many advisors, wellness professionals and plan sponsors there are not enough hours in the day to both provide their core services and provide education.

Knowledge is power, as the old saying goes, and The Financial Literacy Toolbox offers you ready-to-use educational tools for your clients or participants—helping you to help them more effectively.

And as a financial advisor, wellness provider or institutional retirement services firm – you know that standing out in a crowded market is challenging. The Financial Literacy Toolbox is an excellent marketing tool and lead generator too.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox takes complicated financial concepts and breaks them into “bite-sized” pieces. This virtual tool-set can be accessed anywhere. Delivered in a fun and interesting manner, each segment is available on-demand and in a variety of media – videos, documents, worksheets and articles.

This virtual Toolbox consists of videos and downloadable resources in every major area of personal and family financial management (see the currently available topics here).

Change the conversation with clients and participants with FLT. Help them know the power of complete financial literacy that allows them to learn, and make better decisions. Change your conversation with the marketplace—FLT gives you new tools for client communication, meetings or educational events, and building your business.

To truly understand the power of The Financial Literacy Toolbox, click on the link below to view a complete topical session.