Mark Singer has created the Financial Literacy Toolbox to do just that.

Let him help you drive this extremely important discussion with

your employees or clients.

There are not enough hours in the day to build and manage a platform focused on improving the financial literacy of those you support.

Whether you are a financial advisor, a retirement plan provider, a plan sponsor or wellness organization, improving the delivery of financial wellness can be a crucial part of the success of your business.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox offers a ready-to-use educational tools for your plan participants or clients — helping you to help them more effectively.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox:

  • Addresses the many areas of personal and family financial management
  • Takes complicated financial concepts and breaks them down into “bite-sized” concepts
  • Provides easy-to-use educational tools
  • On-demand in a variety of media – videos, documents, worksheets and articles
  • Provides real-time information to benchmark your employees’ use of the technology

Financial Advisors

Increasing client retention and referrals. Accessing the next generation. Providing useful and interesting content to prospects, clients and Centers of Influence. These are keys to growing an advisor’s business.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox helps advisors attract new prospects, deepen relationships with clients, partner with Centers of Influence and expand relationships with families.


Are you a plan sponsor accountable for addressing the financial literacy of your participants? Are you accountable for launching a wellness program and not sure where to start and struggling to determine metrics that show the program is having an impact.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox not only provides a solution that enables you to help your employees learn the key components of financial literacy but also can easily be implemented without a disruption to your organization. In addition, you get real time information regarding the degree by which your employees are taking advantage of this valuable resource.

Wellness Providers

The definition of wellness is evolving, and to maintain top of mind with your existing customers and attract new ones, it may be necessary to enhance your menu of services with financial wellness.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox can help you improve your position in the market place and offer thought leadership to help you create a more comprehensive list of services.

What You Get

Mark has leveraged his 30 years in the financial services business to develop a state of the art set of resources designed to help you and your clients/employees.  Take a moment to review this extensive list of offerings that can be tailored specifically for your organization :