It's Time to Change the

Whether you are serving clients as a Financial Advisor or Wellness
Provider, or participants as a Plan Sponsor you are very likely
working with people who have access to financial information –
but are still financially illiterate. The Financial Literacy Toolbox is a
state-of-the-art set of online learning modules that’s easy for
your clients and participants to use.

There are few things more empowering than learning what you need to know about your money.

Mark Singer, recognized author and creator of The Retirement Bootcamp and The Greater Boston Wellness Forum has spent 25 years as a financial advisor and CFP®. He has learned the questions that most people don’t know they need to ask.

In a groundbreaking series of videos organized by age, style and topic, The Financial Literacy Toolbox offers a hands-on, easy-to-understand series of informational videos and worksheets. Help your clients learn what they don’t know and what they need to know for a financially literate future.

Financial Advisors

Increasing client retention and referrals. Accessing the next generation. Providing useful and interesting content to prospects, clients and Centers of Influence. These are keys to growing an advisor’s business.

The Financial Literacy Toolbox helps advisors attract new prospects, deepen relationships with clients, partner with Centers of Influence and expand relationships with families.


Are you a plan sponsor looking for the best educational resources for your participants? Are you a retirement plan service provider, custodian or related institution seeking resources that add more value to relationships with advisors or client firms?

The Financial Literacy Toolbox provides a valuable tool to your clients, building loyalty to your firm and services while bolstering market awareness of you as a creative thought leader.

Wellness Providers

Financial wellness is seldom far removed from overall health and well-being. Saving for health costs. Managing health and fitness. Being well and staying well requires adequate funding and cash flow management.

For Wellness Providers desiring to meet clients total wellness needs, The Financial Literacy Toolbox is specially designed with adult learning principles in mind.

What You Get

A vast storehouse of financial information: Your clients can access a wealth of videos and related support tools in 8 areas of personal financial management and planning. As a service provider or advisor, you’ll get resources to help you build on clients’ education and leverage FLT for growing your business. The FLT changes the conversation—around financial issues, with your marketplace and in your growth plans.

  • Instructional Videos

    Twenty videos in which Mark Singer conveys over 25 years of financial planning knowledge and insight.

  • Planning Worksheets

    Worksheets help users collect personal information and organize it in a meaningful way as they are guided through topics.

  • Community Discussion

    Mark writes on important or topical subjects in his blog, and users can ask questions or share thoughts with Mark or others.

  • Business-Building Tools

    As the Toolkit provider, you get an array of resources for growing your business. These include an online analytical tool showing you which topics or videos have the highest interest, a How to Use Guide and other marketing ideas.